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Twenty Things I Learned in Memphis

Twenty Things I Learned in Memphis

[Editor’s Note: Last week, several high school students from Floris UMC were in Memphis, TN with an organization called Service Over Self (SOS). While in Memphis, they participated in inner city mission work such as working on homes, serving at soup kitchens and helping out at food banks. This week we are sharing some of the stories from students who participated in this trip.]

Twenty Things I Learned in Memphis

  1. You are significant in God’s eyes.
  2. Team work makes the dream work.
  3. God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.
  4. Significance comes from God alone, we do not need human validation- ever.
  5. Mexican popsicles are on point.
  6. The scraper game requires a special type of focus.
  7. You can do nothing to add to or subtract from your significance.
  8. You are a princess.
  9. The devil will tempt you with what you like.
  10. Moms are great, but should not watch you climb from an extension ladder to a roof.
  11. Sin does not have to have victory- IT IS FINISHED.
  12. We have access to all of the power in found in God.
  13. When planes fly over, take a moment to appreciate God’s creation.
  14. Two ups are necessary for each put down.
  15. All things good come from the LORD.
  16. Jess is our attending physician aka superwoman.
  17. The most important thing about you is what you believe about God and what you believe about who God is.
  18. Nails are hard to put in, and harder to take out.
  19. Wet clothes and wet shoes should not be kept in the same room in which you sleep.
  20. God is at work in Memphis.

-Anna Lopynski

About Floris Student Mission Team

The Floris Student Mission Team includes any number of high school or middle school students who have gone on a mission trip with Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia. Some of their trips include mission trips to Costa Rica, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Winchester, Virginia.

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