Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Why are You a Methodist, Anyways?

If you’re like me, you might scratch your head when you consider just how many Christian denominations exist. Sure, we might anticipate religious diversity throughout the world, but who could have anticipated such diversity within Christianity itself? Think about how many churches you pass on your way to work, or better yet, how many churches you pass on your way to wherever you worship on any given week. How can we explain such a wide array of expressions of a supposedly unified faith? In my life, different circumstances have led ... Read More »

Sermon Response: Reasonable Faith Imagines ~ by Wendy LeBolt

Kids ask the darnedest things. You know like…Why is the grass green? Why is the sky blue? Where do babies come from? I think they are born scientists. A Christian educator shared a word of caution and wisdom with me once. She said, we get ourselves into trouble when we give the convenient answer, “God made the grass green.” or “God made the sky blue.” or “God made you inside Mommy’s tummy.” (Oh, I cringe even to type that, thinking about all those digestive juices mixing with baby, but alas I am ... Read More »

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