Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Dear Graduates,

Dear Graduates, It is so refreshing to see your newly decorated caps and gowns, photos on the quad and smiling announcements on social media. Whether from high school, college or graduate school, graduation often symbolizes new beginnings and bright futures. However, I also remember a fair share of anxiety around these milestone moments. As we prepare to honor our graduating seniors at Floris United Methodist Church Sunday, June 4, I want to take a minute to address some of the stress and anxiety that so many experience. Our culture tends ... Read More »

Taking Time for Me

While shopping this Christmas at a local craft store, I noticed a huge stand of coloring books—adult coloring books. It looked like it might be fun so I bought one. Little did I know I had stumbled onto the latest trend. Apparently coloring is good for your brain. It actually is an activity that relaxes the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain, and allows your mind to rest. Who knew? And yet, as I sat in the chair selecting colors and proceeding to color a page in my new ... Read More »

Sermon Response: Befriending Time by Wendy LeBolt

Time and I used to be friends. I had plenty. Life was good. Then I grew up and life started making demands. That’s when time and I became enemies. Jesus says, “pray for your enemies.” It’s really tough to pray for something as intangible as time, so I personified it. I imagined it as a kind of Alice-in-Wonderland, rabbit with a pocket watch, type person. Then it didn’t look so much like an enemy. I looked more like the enemy. What was opposing me was not time itself, but how I was ... Read More »

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