Thursday , 26 April 2018
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The Shack: Is Seeing Believing?

Did you see the movie, The Shack? The book just blew me away. Reading it a few years back, I marveled at the creative expression its author, William Young, used to tease out the three Persons of the Holy Trinity and their unique rolls in ministering to one of their beloved when tragedy strikes. The thing is, for me, reading is rarely believing. It may inspire me, but that doesn’t last long. But if you engage my other senses with sights, sounds, camera and action, things get real-er. That’s what ... Read More »

Sniffles and Small Group Solidarity

Nearly a dozen of my small group members went to see “The Shack” together recently. It is sometimes hard enough to get two calendars to line up, so it is pretty remarkable that we could all make it work. What I loved even more than the coordination and commitment we demonstrated was the fellowship we enjoyed—especially during the funny, as well as the more emotional, scenes in the movie. How many people do you have in your life that you can cry with? I don’t just mean the kind of ... Read More »

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