Sunday , 25 February 2018
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So Watch Yourselves

Here we are, America. It’s been less than one month since we got a new president. For many, Facebook has become a place we visit with fear of what our friends and family might say about their approval or disapproval of President Trump’s first few weeks in office. But the truth is, it’s time to take a deep breath. It’s time to remember that the same people you are avoiding today are the same people you were having barbecues with this past summer, making friendly small talk with at back ... Read More »

Would I Rather be Right or Would I Rather be Kind?

In recent weeks, I have been closely following a news story about a local politician embroiled in what will likely be a career-ending scandal. Sadly, I would usually be right there with the rest of the public shaking my head in judgment and cynicism, lamenting the lack of morals and good sense so often on display in our public officials. In this case, I am just heartbroken. I know this man, and I have worked with him. In spite of the demons he appears to be battling, I have always ... Read More »

Sermon Response: Two Toms ~ by Wendy LeBolt

There are two things you never discuss in polite company, right? Religion and politics. Tom Berlin put them both on the line for 40 plus minutes from the pulpit this Sunday. You can catch the sermon on video here. I know Tom to be incredibly conscientious and very aware of the weight of his words and their potential to be misinterpreted. This gives me even more reason to applaud his willingness to tackle politics from the pulpit. He brings to mind another Tom I have been reading a lot about ... Read More »

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