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Carry with You Peace and Hope

At first glance it’s easy to see that Paul is a senior citizen, maybe a senior, senior citizen even. He has a cane, hands that are gnarled, and what hair he has is snow white. All of this is taken in at a glance as you walk up to the information desk at Reston Hospital, but then, just as you lean on the counter to ask your question, you look into his eyes. Paul’s eyes twinkle – really twinkle – and they look into yours with joyful expectancy, as if ... Read More »

Sermon Response: What is so Compelling About Twilight? ~ by Wendy LeBolt

Who in the world would title a sermon “Experience Peace” in the middle of the Christmas Holiday season? I mean shopping and baking and decorating and entertaining guests…well, you get my drift. I think Tom Berlin must have a different sort of peace in mind. I have a confession to make. Just to buck the whole rush around business I ducked into a movie theater last week. Took myself to the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, part 2. No academy award winning acting there, but I love a great story. ... Read More »

What is Peace?

“What is peace?” That was one of the questions asked in the video Monday night at Evening in December. It made me think, how would I describe peace?  I turned to the dictionary online for an official definition. It said, “cessation of or freedom from any strife or dissention.” Almost, I thought, but there’s something missing in that definition. Then I went for the old-fashioned approach and pulled out my big ol’ Webster’s Dictionary. It said, “freedom of the mind from annoyance or distraction; state or condition characterized by tranquility; ... Read More »

Enjoying the Peace of Advent by Barbara Miner

When I was a little girl my parents had a decoration that looked like the one to the left. I loved it when it was time to get out the angels. Sometimes my mom would let me light the candles after dinner. They sat on the dining room table and I would sit and watch the magic of the angels spinning around as the heat from the candles rose. As they spun they made little chiming sounds. Sometimes I would sit there until the candles burned down, watching the light, ... Read More »

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