Thursday , 26 April 2018
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When Heaven Touches Earth

Over the holidays, our home was brimming with joy and laughter, a continuously messy kitchen sink and the rustle of wrappings. All of the chicks were back in the coop as I like to say, and it was heaven on earth! We had some family game nights, competitive family card games and even an adventure to an escape room in D.C. where we were forced to work together to unlock the clues (and the door) to our room. But last week, my youngest adult child packed up his car and drove ... Read More »

Surprised by Joy

“It’s just down this street,” she said. “Take the second left, and go around the corner. You will see the church, but don’t go in—take the steps on the right and go up to the café. That’s where you will find it.” She was smiling as she said it, as if it made perfect sense. It helped that she spoke in friendly Italian, with lovely hand gestures to help us picture the way, but the truth was, after a day of roaming around Rome we were quite certain it would ... Read More »

Sermon Response: View from 9-12

I am a bit relieved to write “9-12” in my journal today, the day after. I am not sure what I was expecting on our Day of Remembrance. More attacks? National Sadness? Silence?  I read moving accounts of people who were changed on that day, remembered loved ones, and commemorated acts of heroism. I recall words written ten years ago by my then 11 year old daughter, “On Monday, we rushed on to  avoid the person on the street; on Tuesday, we crossed over and smiled to greet them.” We ... Read More »

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