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The Nesting Tree

You would have loved my mom. She was diligent and dutiful, industrious and ingenious, fashionable and fastidious, a loyal friend and devoted spouse. If there were room moms back then, she would’ve been a great one. If there were sports Mom awards given, she would have been well decorated. She cooked a mean pot roast, prepared an awesome peach pie and baked chocolate chip cookies like nobody’s business. Nowadays, there are only a few folks who remember Mom because she left us in 1982. That was eight years before I became a mom, which may ... Read More »

Learning My Faith From My Mother

A few days ago, I popped in an old familiar CD and out rang the words, “Blessed to be a blessing,” and at once, I was taken back to my earliest childhood memories. A devotion at the kitchen table with our well-worn book, “Little Visits with God.” The family marching up to bed singing, “Now the light has gone away, Father listen while I pray…” And my parents waiting patiently as I knelt beside the bed and said my prayers. These moments will stay with me all my life. At ... Read More »

Thanks. For Everything. Love You Mom.

Moms are such an incredible gift. I marvel at the amazing ways that my own mother has blessed my life. Sometimes it takes us until we are adults to understand what a great gift our own moms are. Whenever Mother’s Day comes around, picking out a card is one of my favorite things to do. I’m always looking for just the right words, and I never find the perfect one. Simply put, I wish there was a card that said: “Thanks. For Everything. Love you, Mom.” Mom has been one ... Read More »

True Beauty

I was recently asked who the most influential person in my life has been. I didn’t even have to think about it; my mom has, hands down, been the most influential person in my life. All of my life, my mom has been the picture of grace under pressure and gentle strength. At the age of four, I had an awareness of what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and that this relationship was something I desired. My mom set a lifelong example as she chose what ... Read More »

Remembering Mom

Should I buy a card? Should I send flowers? I ask myself this each year. As my Mother’s Alzheimer’s has continued to take over the person I once knew as my Mom, do I keep the rituals alive? After all she won’t know Sunday is any different than any other day. She will be 92 at the end of this month.  Frail, thin, teeth pretty much gone, she still has beautiful blue eyes and isn’t all gray. Growing up I remember many stories from my Dad regarding miracles and the ... Read More »

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