Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Carry with You Peace and Hope

At first glance it’s easy to see that Paul is a senior citizen, maybe a senior, senior citizen even. He has a cane, hands that are gnarled, and what hair he has is snow white. All of this is taken in at a glance as you walk up to the information desk at Reston Hospital, but then, just as you lean on the counter to ask your question, you look into his eyes. Paul’s eyes twinkle – really twinkle – and they look into yours with joyful expectancy, as if ... Read More »

Sermon Response: This Year Will Be Different ~ by Wendy LeBolt

I stared at my worship bulletin yesterday and it asked me “What I really want for Christmas.” I have shopping lists already made for members of my family, friends, teachers. Don’t forget the bus driver and the mail carrier. But what do I really want? I want to give Christ the best birthday gift ever. So, what do you give the Son of God who really has all things? What would bring a smile to Jesus’ face on Christmas Day? I’m not sure, but I have 27 days, beginning today, to think about it. ... Read More »

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