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Be the Donkey

“Be the donkey.” To this day, this is still the single greatest advice I have ever received as a vocalist. Early in my participation in Floris UMC’s contemporary worship team, a few of us attended a vocal workshop. At this training, we learned proper techniques and bad habits we should avoid vocally. Then the training sessions dug into the heart of the worshipper. The leaders used a story we generally associate with Palm Sunday to help put our role into appropriate perspective. During this session, she recounted the story of ... Read More »

The Relief of Easter

As a pastor, I have sometimes felt a bit guilty the day after Easter. Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It is big and a contrast to its gentle sister Christmas. Christmas is a candle slowly burning on a starlit night that shimmers on the face of the incarnate Lord. Easter is a triumphant parade whose noise drowns out the sound of mourners as it celebrates the risen Savior. If Christmas Eve is the gentle, “O Holy Night,” Easter is the rousing response, He is risen indeed!  ... Read More »

Crying on Good Friday

She was crying. It was near the end of the Good Friday service, and a woman whom I was close to had just come back from the prayer rail with tears in her eyes. I was about 13 years old and was stunned. Why was she crying? She had been fine just a few minutes ago. I knew it was not polite to stare, but I couldn’t look away. I just kept looking at her, hoping I would gather some clues as to why she was crying. Nothing. At the ... Read More »

Praise Him, Praise Him! by Yoon Nam

As you can guess, Holy Week is the most exciting week of the year in churches, and that’s true of course, at Floris UMC. Have you had a chance to see the church’s “Holy Week and Easter” announcement? What a week we will have! I am very excited about sharing this with you all. From Palm Sunday on April 1, we enter Holy Week, the last week of Lent. You don’t want to miss the opportunities to walk through the journey of Holy Week because it leads you to truly ... Read More »

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