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Be Good, Be Strong, Be Brave

When our daughters were growing up, my husband often traveled out of town for work. Over the years, the girls and their daddy developed a ritual for saying their farewells, which they still observe today as the girls leave for college each semester or when it is time to say goodbye after a visit. Each time they part, Steve will kiss the palm of each of his daughters’ hands, and the girls will then hold their palm to their face for a moment while they say out loud: “Daddy loves ... Read More »

Love Knows No Bounds

As I looked at the handwriting I recognized it instantly—it was my father’s distinct cursive. The smear on the front made me wonder if a tear had been shed by eighteen-year-old me. Postmarked August 28, 1981 the letter likely is one of the first letters he wrote to me. Every week I found at least one letter from my dad in my P.O. box at college. That was in the dark ages, the 1980s, when the only phone available to an entire floor of college students was down the hall ... Read More »

You Remind Me of Your Father

There’s just something about a father, isn’t there? It’s been nearly two years since my earthly father went on to glory, but the celebration of his life feels like it was yesterday. What a collection we were, gathered there to pay our respects to the guy we remembered. There was the golf group recalling the yips he got on short putts, bridge partners remembering the joy the game gave him, business partners and employees reminiscing about the mind and method of a man on a mission, the Starbucks cohort retelling ... Read More »

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