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Forgiving Family

Editor’s Note: During Floris UMC’s February 2017 sermon series, “Unburdened,” we asked congregation members to anonymously share their stories of forgiveness. The following is one of those stories. When it comes to family and money…I would have never thought that my family would choose money, but they did. More than 20 years ago my aunt passed away without a will. My aunt had substantial wealth. She owned several homes in the area and lived on a big farm in Luray, Virginia. This was my mother’s sister. So, when mom was ... Read More »

When You Need a Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace

On the first Sunday of Advent in 2008, we received a call that my father had finally lost his battle with alcoholism. The next week or so, as we drove back and forth to North Carolina to make funeral arrangements, I struggled with the swirl of emotions: grief, loss and sadness mixed with anger and regret. Here I was in the midst of this fresh loss right smack in the middle of the Christmas season, and everything felt raw. Christmas was hard that year. That year, I found particular comfort in the ... Read More »

Not the Plan

This is not how it was supposed to go. This was not the plan, at least not my plan. She was supposed to graduate and come home, find a job in D.C. and live here for a few years while she saved money. Then she was supposed to move into a house in Ballston with a few friends. I mean, isn’t that what young people do? They come back home for few years, right? But in truth that was my plan, not hers and certainly not God’s. Instead she completed ... Read More »

Adjusting My Expectations

Life is full of expectations. We plan, organize and anticipate, but often what we expect to happen does not. The older I get the more I learn to not have too many expectations. The younger me would figure out everything and then be desperately disappointed when it didn’t “work out as planned.” The older me is learning to let life happen. In preparing for my trip to France to visit my daughter, Anna, I didn’t spend much time thinking about what it might be like. Not because I wasn’t excited ... Read More »

Volunteering as a Family

“How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” – Anne Frank Think for a moment about someone you know who is a whiz at math or puzzles. You might also know someone who can whip up a meal from a jar of pickles, Cheez Whiz and some stale potato chips. Then there’s that neighbor who can listen to the strange noise your car is making and diagnose the problem within seconds. We all have gifts that God has given us. Some are visible, such ... Read More »

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