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A Glimpse of Eternal Life

“ I think that we humans don’t have the capacity to imagine eternity, Mom” said my ninth-grade daughter Joanne. “If we can think of it a little bit, we may live differently.” This short conversation recently grabbed my attention. My daughter’s English class had been reading and discussing the book “Dante’s Inferno.” She was assigned a small group project that explored the different levels of hell as described in the book. When she spoke about her class, she mentioned how she was scared about the conditions of hell portrayed in ... Read More »

Sharing the Good News

The results were rather shocking. I mean ever since I was a child I knew my cholesterol was high (familial hyperlipidemia is the official diagnosis), but this was off the charts. My cholesterol was 314. My LDL was 209, and my HDL was 95. (Note: physicians like to see your cholesterol below 240—LDL below 160 and HDL below 60). Something had to be done. When the doctor and I spoke about strategies, she was pretty clear. She said my levels were likely the result of my age and that medication ... Read More »

Calling All Evangelists

Evangelism. Ugh. This word seriously grosses me out. It sparks memories of faith communities in which the true message of the Gospel was perverted, and people used “evangelism” to condemn and judge others. It reminds me of the preacher at college who stood outside our dining hall proclaiming that we were all going to hell for our “liberal” education. It reminds me of religious tracts disguised as dollar bills and scattered around the community in hopes that these shallow tactics might convince someone to be a Jesus follower. Even worse, ... Read More »

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