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Blessed by Camp Hutchison

As another year of Camp Hutchison comes to a close, I have taken time to reflect on all that this program has given back to me over the years. Initially, I took advantage of the opportunity to serve as a junior counselor for three summers while I was in high school. This was when I first discovered what a blessing working with the children of Hutchison Elementary really is for me. Serving in the classrooms with kids who were always excited to learn was my favorite part of every summer. ... Read More »

Self-Worth, Self-Gratification and Boundaries

Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex. This is one of the first things our fabulous pastor, Ashley Allen, told us to say to the person sitting next to us. To put it in one word, this was the topic of discussion throughout the 2016 High School Spring Retreat. To put it in three pillars, as another leader, Dan Willerth, called them, we discussed self-worth, self-gratification and boundaries. All of these three pillars were under the roof of God. God plays a huge role in all three of these, ... Read More »

Let’s Talk About Sex

At the ripe old age of twenty-two, I found myself pulled out of my shiny new classroom for a day of Family Life Education (FLE) training with dozens of other new hires in Fairfax County. I have to admit that when I chose a career in elementary education it never occurred to me that along with stem-and-leaf plots, I’d also be tasked with guiding tomorrow’s youth through the treacherous week known as FLE. This training included reciting body parts out loud until we stopped giggling, fielding obscene and downright confusing ... Read More »

Encourage Reading

Reading skills are critical to success in school—and in life, but not everyone has access to books at home. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), children who are read to at home enjoy a substantial advantage over children who are not. For the past six years, Hutchison Elementary School employee and Floris United Methodist Church member Marci Hoyt has passionately organized a Hutchison book drive to ensure students receive at least two free books to take home for the summer. Marci, who goes through every single book each year ... Read More »

Returning to Camp Hutchison

When I returned to the Serve Ministry Camp Hutchison Internship this summer, I did not expect many surprises. I spent almost four months last summer with an incredible group of people helping to run an enriching and inspiring program for rising first through third graders at Hutchison Elementary School in Herndon, VA. I was confident that with my fellow interns and the wonderful volunteers we would be able to put on a great camp once again. I did not foresee any surprises, but then his application came in. A teenager ... Read More »

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