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The Power of People

There were six rows of benches on either side of the aisle. Each bench sat four people, which meant our United Methodist Volunteers in Mission team took up 25 percent of the space. It was Wednesday evening, and we were at a United Methodist church in Manajanabo in the center of Cuba. It was their midweek service, and it was packed. There was music, drama, reading from the Bible and songs sung by so many different people. Five small children came up, one playing a ukulele, and sang a song ... Read More »

Uncertainty and Hope

It’s a funny thing to work on a church staff. You see trends ebb and flow. You see people join the church. You see people dig deep into their spiritual lives. You see the transformation that comes with surrendering yourself to God. On the other hand, you see people leave the church. You see people burn out or “give up” on God. You see the full range of human emotions. I attended a memorial service at the church a couple weeks ago. As I sang “Amazing Grace” with those that gathered to ... Read More »

People of the Church

It’s an odd thing, to work in a church. In addition to interacting with my co-workers on a daily basis, one of the things I enjoy the most is the opportunity to interact with the people of the church and the people of the community that come into the church on a daily basis. One of the things that people who do not hang around a church during the week might not realize is that the church is a busy place, even when it’s not Sunday. People are always coming ... Read More »

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