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What God Would Want for the Christmas?

What is the first Christmas you remember? The first Christmas I remember was when I was four years old. It was also the first time I went to church after being invited by my childhood best friend and her family. I think it was a Christmas Eve event for children, complete with a children’s pageant and nativity scene. I don’t remember all of the details, but I do remember Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. Amazingly, I also remember what we sang that night: “Silent Night”. And of course, I ... Read More »

Thank You for Letting Us Sing to You: Confessions of a Choir Crasher

You’ve heard of party crashers and wedding crashers, but perhaps you have never heard of a choir crasher. That’s me, the person who, back in the doldrums of September as election campaigns were still in full swing, shorter days and longer nights were just beginning to descend and Christmas trees were not yet at Lowe’s, I began to wonder in earnest … What can I do to make this season feel more like Advent? A clear and undeniable suggestion came to mind: join the Floris UMC Cantata choir. Don’t get me ... Read More »

A Celebration of Light

When I grew up in Seoul, Korea, there were war drills. Yes, war drills. On the fifteenth of each month, we had a short 30-minute war drill. Sirens went off, and cars and people had to stop in the middle of the streets, or wherever they were, to hide. Also, there was a special drill at night once or twice a year for an hour when no one was allowed to turn any lights on in their homes. When I was very young, the night drills scared me. My mom, ... Read More »

Singing for God

When I was a little girl I sang in the Chorister Choir at Northminster Presbyterian Church. I would walk to the church from school on Wednesday afternoons for practice. Somehow going on a day other than Sunday was very mysterious; it made me feel like I was part of something special, like I knew something not everyone knew. I loved the choir. I loved the golden robes with big white bows around our necks. I loved singing. But most of all I loved singing in church. I loved it when ... Read More »

Unexpected Messiah

Jesus’ life, from beginning to end, was beyond unexpected. Who knew that God would send his only son to be born in a manger? Who would have thought that this Messiah, this King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Counselor and Prince of Peace would live such a humble life and end up dying on a cross? Who could have guessed that the Savior would live as a servant and be resurrected? Who imagined that salvation would come to everyone who accepts Jesus as his or her savior? The more I ... Read More »

The Blessing of Music by Yoon Nam

Our Christmas cantata Sunday is this week! The cantata choir has been rehearsing the music since September. They have been praying for many things along with the musical practice. I personally want to thank everyone involved with the cantata in many ways for their effort, hearts, and prayers. I have been blessed by them throughout the preparation. Thank you all so much! As I share often with you all through this blog, it is a true blessing that we get to praise and worship God with beautiful music. God has ... Read More »

“Panis Angelicus” by Yoon Nam

Have you had a chance to look at the gorgeous cherry blossoms in our church parking lot? Looking at the trees makes me smile and be happy. I hope you all have a chance to smile. We are already at the fifth Sunday in Lent this Sunday. The following Sunday, April 1, will be Palm Sunday. Then, yes, there will be Easter!  I can tell you the time has been flying ! The Chamber Choir will lift up an anthem, “Panis Angelicus” at the 11:00 AM service this Sunday. This ... Read More »

A Blessing of Music by Yoon Nam

This Sunday, the cantata choir and Floris Orchestra share “The Winter Rose” a Christmas cantata during worship services in the morning. And there will be a special benediction from the choir to all brothers and sisters in Christ. The song is called “A blessing of music.” The choir has been praying for God’s presence in our worship services especially to those people who have difficulties to feel His presence. Here is our prayer and blessing through the song. I pray that we all praise our precious Jesus together and proclaim ... Read More »

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