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Be a Blessing

“Every morning, I ask God to make me a blessing to someone today.” says my friend, Dave. Over the ten years I have known him, I have seen ample evidence of God answering his prayer in the affirmative. Make me a blessing. A simple prayer. A curious prayer. Even a bold, adventurous or risky prayer. Blessing is defined as “the act or words of one who blesses” or “a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.” Another definition of blessing says it is “something good that one feels grateful” or “lucky ... Read More »

Blessed by Camp Hutchison

As another year of Camp Hutchison comes to a close, I have taken time to reflect on all that this program has given back to me over the years. Initially, I took advantage of the opportunity to serve as a junior counselor for three summers while I was in high school. This was when I first discovered what a blessing working with the children of Hutchison Elementary really is for me. Serving in the classrooms with kids who were always excited to learn was my favorite part of every summer. ... Read More »

How Blessed

Editor’s Note: Last week 30 high school students and six leaders traveled to Alajuela, Costa Rica to help with construction projects, work with children at a Vacation Bible School program and help meet the needs of the local, under-resourced community. The following is a blog post from one of the students, Laney Hartin. My week in Costa Rica has been an incredible experience of learning and connecting with new people. I came into this mission trip not expecting much; however, I have bonded with not only other teens from the church but also with ... Read More »

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