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Serving God on a Roof

Serving God on a Roof

[Editor’s Note: This week, several high school students from Floris UMC are in Memphis, TN with an organization called Service Over Self (SOS). While in Memphis, they will be doing inner city mission work such as working on homes, serving at soup kitchens and helping out at food banks. This week we are sharing some of the stories from students participation in this trip.]

chloe_picToday was our first full day in Memphis, and my group was very blessed to work on the home of Mrs. Rosa. Mrs. Rosa is a warm, loving, spiritual, and well-connected person. For the past few years, throughout middle school, I attended the Jeremiah Project, where we did similar work. However, at the Jeremiah Project, we switched the houses we worked on, never being able to personally know homeowners. Today I learned there is more to just building for people who are unable to, it’s about growing spiritually with the homeowner, expanding the word of God. I am looking forward to learning more about her and becoming closer to the Lord, and my wonderful work group of ninth grade girls. We worked on the roof of her home, mostly de-roofing, which was new for me.

At the end of the work day it began raining, and my group had to scramble to keep Mrs. Rosa’s roof from leaking. I was miserable; I stood in the storm holding the tarp, with the thoughts of keeping her home safe on my mind. At one point I looked up at my leader, look at the skies and realized it is all so beautiful. The rain which God made brought our group together, and with the combined efforts of people of all kinds helped us complete the job (especially Mrs. Rosa’s grandson who sat on the tarp with the rain to help us).  I am expecting more rain, but I know that with the rain comes unity which I will see once again in my whole group, a flurry of devotion and strength, the work of one, for the audience of one.

-Chloe Ramich

Today was an amazing experience where my group and I got the opportunity to work on the roof of an incredibly sweet woman’s house named Ms. Arlene. She was very inviting and it was nice to interact with someone who I would not normally have the opportunity to socialize with. Our leader Tyler gave us the opportunity to work on a roof which was a new experience for me and my teammates.

While we were eating lunch, our group had a great discussion about creation and our individual thoughts on God’s opinion of us and how pleased God is with God’s creations. This caused me to reflect on the talk that Pastor Terrance gave us the previous night. His general message was that all humans are created in God’s image and we are all significant. Unfortunately it starting pouring while we were working and we had yet to complete our goals for that day. However, I was very proud of our group for putting the needs of Ms. Arlene before ourselves.

-Josh Meador

About Floris Student Mission Team

The Floris Student Mission Team includes any number of high school or middle school students who have gone on a mission trip with Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia. Some of their trips include mission trips to Costa Rica, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Winchester, Virginia.

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