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Your Moment

Your Moment

When I was in high school—I think 10th grade—I had a very rare opportunity. I was invited to go to a gala in Washington, D.C. as the guest of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. You must come to understand something about me; I am a southern boy from Culpeper, Va. When I looked at the bucket list for my life, I never anticipated meeting the Duke of Edinburgh. This was a very exciting experience.

I still remember his entrance into the ballroom that evening. Everyone stood. There were moments of clapping and cheering. I had to pause to see if all of it was real. Could I really be here, in the presence of the husband of the Queen of England?

We had a very nice meal, and then things got even more exciting. I was ushered into a small room with two other high school students and our chaperones. There, we got to meet with Prince Philip one-on-one. This was an amazing experience. He asked all about our congressional awards and what we had done to achieve those awards. He was interested in my experience. He wanted to know me.

I wonder how much more exciting it was for the crowd to watch Jesus enter Jerusalem. This was the Savior—the Son of God. They were meeting a celebrity. But, this celebrity was going to change their lives and change the world. I can only imagine that feeling welling up inside each of them as they saw what was happening.

Sometimes I get that feeling. I get that feeling when I am in worship singing with hundreds of other people. I get that feeling when I receive Holy Communion and remember Christ. I get that feeling when I walk into the sanctuary all by myself in the morning and look at the cross, thinking about all that Christ, our Lord and Savior, has done for us. I hope you’ve had your Prince Philip moment. Or better yet, I hope you’ve had your “Christ entering into Jerusalem moment.”

About Tim Ward

Tim Ward is the lead pastor of Floris UMC's Reston campus, Restoration Church. He’s married to his wife, Susan, and has three children. He has a passion for connecting with people and would love to meet you.

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