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The Highlight of the Week

The Highlight of the Week

[Editor’s Note: Last week, several high school students from Floris UMC were in Memphis, TN with an organization called Service Over Self (SOS). While in Memphis, they participated in inner city mission work such as working on homes, serving at soup kitchens and helping out at food banks. This week we are sharing some of the stories from students who participated in this trip.]

It has been an incredible week in Memphis. It has blessed me so much to watch our students grow. They have found deeper relationships with each other, a deeper connection to the world and the needs within it, and a deeper relationship with God. I asked five students to share the highlight of their week as they spent the evening reflecting on all that has happened.
– Ashley Allen

The highlight of my week was…

Strengthening my relationship with God. This week was unforgettable and I wouldn’t change anything about it. – Casey Baker

Getting to know all of the team leaders at SOS. Everyone is so welcoming and it makes you feel very comfortable. The all-time best part of my week was bonding with my team leader, Taylor, and hearing all of his funny jokes because he has an endless amount. All of the team leaders are easy to talk to and they really helped me strengthen my relationship with God. –Kate Greenfield

Bonding with my team, my team leader (Kevin) and getting to know my homeowner (Betty). We all came together to help rebuild houses for people in Orange Mound. I became closer with all of these people, especially with our late night “peel the onion” talks. These are the relationships that I want to keep for a long, long time. – Meghan Wood

The highlight of my week was getting to know Mr. Rickie on our job site. Getting to know him and about his hobby, coaching a roller dance troop, was a great experience. – Caroline McCleskey

The highlight of my week was meeting Mr. Lee Brown in Caritas Village. The discussion I had with him helped me a lot spiritually and he made me realize that, no matter what, God always pulls through in the end. Working on the roof and getting a lot of work done with our leader Jillianne was a lot of fun (I call her ConstrucThor) but the discussion I had with Mr. Lee was something that I needed in my life. It had been a tumultuous year for me personally, and Mr. Lee reminded me that we all go through hardships. He told me that he believes that God doesn’t want us to suffer alone. I always had a hard time asking for help, but Mr. Lee reminded me that asking for help is always an option because I will always have someone to help me, even if they are not physically there. – Colleen Lewis

About Floris Student Mission Team

The Floris Student Mission Team includes any number of high school or middle school students who have gone on a mission trip with Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia. Some of their trips include mission trips to Costa Rica, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Winchester, Virginia.

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