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Friends When You Need Them

Friends When You Need Them

Two years ago my parents were moving. They had sold their house, but hadn’t found a new permanent home. They were significantly downsizing and gave each of us kids (there are four of us) furniture. I remember mentioning to my friend, Dan Willerth, that we were moving my parent’s stuff. There was a lot to move, including a piano that my parents were giving us. I’m usually pretty good about asking people for help, but this time, it just seemed like too much. We had to drive to my parents in Culpeper, then drop off things at my grandma’s house in Sperryville, then drop things off at my house and finally at my sister’s house in Ashburn. It was going to be a long day with a full truck.

Dan quickly said to me “do you want me to come and help?” At first I said, “No.  This is too much.” To give of his entire day to help move this furniture would be crazy. But, he insisted. He insisted that he help. Dan is an amazing person who serves lots of people. I have come to understand that Dan represents so many people who worship at Floris. This is a culture of people who are simply generous. They give of their time even when it means they have to put other things on the back burner.

I have been completely humbled and overwhelmed (with joy) as we have started Restoration Church. The people connected to Restoration have stepped up every chance possible. People are being incredibly generous with their time. The main reason we are doing this new site in Reston is to reach new people for Christ. These people are constantly stepping up so that new people might come to experience a relationship with Jesus as we have. People are simply being generous with their time to reach out to others. I could not imagine a place that I would rather begin this new church.

I’m curious how others have experienced people being generous. Who are the Dan’s in your life?

About Tim Ward

Tim Ward is the lead pastor of Floris UMC's Reston campus, Restoration Church. He’s married to his wife, Susan, and has three children. He has a passion for connecting with people and would love to meet you.

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