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Philadelphia Mission Trip Day Four

We started off the day today by going to Harold O. Davis summer camp to help with the kids. It was very fun because we actually took them to the local pool. After that we went to the West Philadelphia branch of the Salvation Army. It was almost 100 degrees today so luckily they let us stay inside. We helped to organize a food pantry and bag rice for distribution. We also visited the West Philadelphia high school and I have to say, it impacted me. It is an inner ... Read More »

Philadelphia Mission Trip Day Three

We had a great day today. Today we switched up the groups. Group 1 became group 2, and group 2 became group 1, but just for today. My group went to the summer camp today with Ashley. We got to spend a great amount of time with kids from Philadelphia. They are very lovable kids and they are great to work with. As soon as we got there all of the kids started interacting with us. The age range was very drastic from 6 to 12-year-olds. They are a very ... Read More »

Haiti Mission Team #5 Ninth Post: The End

Editor’s Note: This is the final post from the Haiti Mission Team. You can read about their entire trip here. Submitted by Kathryn Berlin I have one complaint about this trip: we have to leave so soon. That, and our flight was delayed four hours–our time in Haiti has proved to test and improve our patience until the very end. Since discussing our time playing card games to pass the time in the airport won’t be very exciting, I am going to use this post to wrap our experience in Haiti. ... Read More »

Packing Lunches for the Mothers Who Can’t by Susan Ward

I hate packing lunches for my kids. I know that hate is a strong word but I really do hate it. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes but in my head it takes 2 hours. My kids are in preschool and I only need to pack their lunches twice a week. I pack them at night and the entire day leading up to those nights, I’m thinking about how awful it will be to pack lunches later. I’m not quite sure why I hate it so much. I just ... Read More »

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