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Out of the Dust There is Life

When my girls were small, they thought I had magical healing powers. I could kiss a scrape or bandage a cut and presto! It would be “all better.” They would smile and go back to playing. Today, these girls are young women, and I no longer have that power. They spend their days working hard in places far from home, and when they hurt they’re on their own. They’re old enough to know that kisses do not work long distance, only in person. I’m grateful that my girls know that ... Read More »

Pursuing Silence: Confessions of a Phone Addict

I am alone the majority of my time and yet I struggle to find silence. Or perhaps it would be more accurate if I said I struggle to allow silence. When I say silence, I am not referring to the complete absence of sound. My house is quiet most of the day, often eerily so. I am defining silence in this case as a refuge from the onslaught of words, images, input from the outside world. I am constantly connected, a slave to the next ping or vibration indicating someone, somewhere has ... Read More »

God, Jesus and Baseball

I was born kinesthetic. Not until some time later did I realize I had God to thank for that. Not until I came to know Jesus did I realize I had to do something about it. Several Washington Nationals players drove this home for me during the post- game celebration of Faith Day at Nats Park. There, a group of professional baseball players who had just slugged it out for an awesome nine innings, sauntered over in street clothes to talk with us about God, Jesus and  baseball. Great combination, huh? ... Read More »

Holy Willpower by Wendy LeBolt

Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple. (1 Corinthians 3:16-17) I always have more willpower during Lent. I used to look forward to its coming and think, okay what am I doing that I really should get under control? Then I’d “give it up for Lent.” One year it was dessert. Another year, peanut m&m’s. Then it was Starbucks coffee. And ... Read More »

Within Three Weeks by Yoon Nam

I cannot believe how fast time is moving. We only have a couple of weeks until Easter! In these weeks there will be exciting and meaningful opportunities for worship during services at our church. First of all, for this Sunday, we have a guest musician and composer, Pepper Choplin .  Our two previous Christmas cantatas were his works, and we have sung many of his songs. He will share special music as an offertory at the 9:15 AM and 11:00AM services and direct the choir at the 11:00 AM service. ... Read More »

Being a PAL by Cindy Kohler

This is my second year of being a Breakfast PAL at Hutchison Elementary. Last year I was not sure if I could commit to the 1/2 hour weekly because I travel a lot for work. As it turns out, there was flexibility with our schedule and I am happy to say I am with my same PAL this year also. Our time together is usually spent reading, completing homework, or my PAL enjoys making cards for her family for special occasions. I will bring in construction paper and crayons around holidays ... Read More »

Just Do It by Yoon Nam

I don’t have cable service at my home, so I don’t usually watch TV programs and commercials. However, I like one commercial and logo. It’s Nike’s “Just Do It.” That says everything. How many times have I given tons of reasonable reasons for not exercising? I have thought about this phrase as it relates to our attitude toward God’s calling. With even a small request I make excuses to avoid doing what God wants me to do. And if the request requires any bit of sacrifice, “just do it” does ... Read More »

What Wondrous Love is This by Yoon Nam

I feel that time is flying by faster than before. It’s March already! And the third Sunday of Lent is coming. I have been blessed having my mom with me for two and a half months since December. She is heading home on Wednesday. We didn’t do much, but I have spent time with her as much as I could. We have watched TV, talked, walked, and we have attended  a dawn prayer service together. I have thought about the time that I have had with her. Even though we had ... Read More »

Arise, My Soul, Arise by Yoon Nam

I have realized that seeking God all the time is a hard task. My daily life routine is already trained to run without stopping and asking, “What is God’s will” each moment.  Even though I do have moments to pray and read God’s word, I find that I naturally live without seeking Him every moment.  So, during this week, I have intentionally put my antennae higher to alert myself to hear God’s voice more often. I have sent memos and emails to several friends I haven’t talked with in awhile, ... Read More »

First Week of Lent by Yoon Nam

As I shared with you in last week’s post, Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday. Some of us have already started our Lenten study and others will start soon and look at six decisions that will change our lives. I have thought about how hard it is to be transformed or changed particularly after a certain age. We have our own thoughts and strong wills about how to live in this world. As I have thought about two questions from last Sunday’s sermon—“What are you looking for?” and “Where are you abiding?”– I ... Read More »

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