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Change in Plans by Susan Ward

My Monday mornings are pretty much the same every week. I arrive at work around eight-thirty. I check my email. I attend to the immediate. By nine, I usually start writing the Monday morning blog post. Most mornings I have an idea what I’ll write. I usually take notes during the sermon, then let those thoughts marinate in my head for the rest of the day on Sunday. While I’m getting ready for work on Monday morning, I usually have the post almost written in my head. So when I ... Read More »

Fall in Love with the World by Susan Ward

I’ve written before about the time I spent in Japan. When I was 21 years old, knowing no one there, I travelled to Tokyo to live for 3 months. While I lived with Americans, I spent most of my day with native Japanese people. Years of prior language and cultural study helped a bit, but there was so much I didn’t know; I felt I was constantly asking for help from strangers. For the most part, no matter whom I asked I was treated with the highest level of kindness. ... Read More »

Hurricane Sandy: A Letter From the Homeowner

Dear Floris UMC, On October 29th, 2012, Superstorm Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore. My town, Ortley Beach, became known as ground zero. Although no lives were lost in my area, less than 1% of the town’s homes received no damage. There are close to 2,500 homes. My parents, Mike and Audrey, have owned their home for 52 years. It is where I grew up. Although the house survived the storm, we lost everything inside and out and sustained major flooding to the interior. My dad is in a wheelchair, needs ... Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Mission Team Day 5–The End

Editor’s Note: This is the last post from the Floris mission team that went to New Jersey to help with Hurricane Sandy relief. You can read about their entire trip here. Submitted by Team Leader Steve Bracewell Monday, March 26 After being very impressed with Eric serving us, his “southern guests,” grits earlier in the week, Lacey UMC’s tireless chef prepared a New Jersey classic for breakfast:  fried egg, cheese, and “Pork Roll” sandwiches.  Good Eats NJ Style!  Some folks, who shall remain nameless, had two. We pulled the few ... Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Mission Team Day 4–Palm Sunday

Editor’s Note:  Read this latest blog post about the Hurricane Sandy mission trip to hear about the team’s experience!  If you’ve missed the other posts, click here to read them. Submitted by Carol Burns Sunday, March 24, 2013: At 7:00 AM, we started our Palm Sunday by eating breakfast together with our team.  Our breakfast composed of eggs, oatmeal, and French toast.  Members of Lacey Church were cutting and splitting palms for the congregation and us as we ate.  Afterwards we went upstairs to the beautiful sanctuary, each holding a ... Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Mission Team Day 3–A Long and Productive Day

Editor’s Note:  As the mission team in New Jersey continues serving, we continue to be blessed from their blog updates.  If you have missed their first few posts, read them here. Submitted by Ilene Hafker Saturday, March 23, 2013: We had a tasty breakfast at Lacey UMC prepared again by Eric and many other hands, including some from our group.  Mike from Lacey UMC joined us today for work.  We jumped right back into subflooring and sheetrock when we arrived.  Raising the floor was completed today, and the sheetrock around the ... Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Mission Team Day 2–Getting to Work

Editor’s Note:  A team of Floris Missioners are currently in New Jersey. As we receive blog updates about their trip, we will post them. You can read previous posts here. Submitted by  Ilene Hafker Friday, March 22, 2013: We departed from Grove Hall at 7:15 AM, headed toward the work site and stopped at Wawa for COFFEE and breakfast.  We soon arrived at the house and met Denise, the homeowner’s daughter, and Steve from PortLight, the organization arranging the projects.  We did a walkthrough with them to get an idea of exactly what ... Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Mission Team Day 1–Settling In

Editor’s Note:  A group of missioners from Floris UMC has been working in New Jersey to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. During their trip, they will be posting blog updates about their trip, and we will be posting them as they become available. Submitted by Illene Hafker Thursday, March 21: We all arrived at Grove Hall Conference Center in Ocean Grove, NJ, safely around 4:30 PM.  After settling into our rooms, we took a road trip to Ortley Beach to scout out the home we are going to be ... Read More »

So God Made Relationships by Susan Ward

I’ll admit it. I watch the Super Bowl for the ads. My major in college concentrated in advertising and public relations so I am far more excited about the Super Bowl ads than the teams playing each year. Prior to the game, instead of reading up about the teams, I read articles analyzing the ads that will be shown. I didn’t even know the head coaches were brothers until the game started. I take my bathroom breaks during the game, not the commercials. Each year, I watch for a favorite. This ... Read More »

Are You Properly Caring For The Relationships In Your Life? By Susan Ward

A word of advice, if you are going out of town and would like someone to water your plants don’t call me. You will arrive home to a bunch of dead plants. This is because I have no clue how to keep plants alive. Saying something as simple as “water these,” means nothing to me. How much water? Are we talking 8 ounces once a week or half a cup morning and night? Do I need to rotate the plant around to make sure it gets equal amounts of sunlight? ... Read More »

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