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Christmas is a Game Changer

I love Thanksgiving. What is better than a whole day devoted to food? Eating being one of the more proficient hobbies of mine, I’m in heaven with the preparation and the tradition of it all. It is of course the kickoff of the holidays, and as the Food Network so cleverly coined, “Seasons Eatings” is upon us. But of late it appears Thanksgiving has been eclipsed by consumerism—surprise! Eating a turkey and some stuffing is something you do while biding time to rush into the stores at three in the ... Read More »

This is my Story, This is my Song

I became a blogger in 2011 when I was laid up with a hamstring injury. Nothing better to do than sit around and jot down my reflections, right? I titled the blog, “On the Way to Well,” after a dialogue I recorded in my Lenten study booklet where Jesus and I discussed the reason for my current predicament. The post still appears on my blog as do the other 119 posts. Online blogs are plentiful, as you know. The really successful bloggers, I am told, pay lots of attention to ... Read More »

Mike’s Testimony

The following post was written by a member of Floris UMC’s Celebrate Recovery group and is a testimony of his recovery. For more information on this program, visit I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I grew up in a middle class family with my mom, dad and two younger brothers. My dad was an angry, violent alcoholic, and my mom was a classic codependent. As a child, I endured years of physical and emotional abuse by my father. His form of discipline was severe beatings with a ... Read More »


Whenever my dad wants to play a game with me, he asks me if I want to play Scrabble. But we always end up playing something else. I’ve often wondered why he choses Scrabble as his first pick when we have hundreds of board games in our house and I can count on one hand how many times we’ve played that game together. So this past weekend, I finally asked him, “Why Scrabble?” “Because you like words.” He responded. I was a little confused. “What makes you think I like ... Read More »

Election Day: You Were Worth It

Frankly, had it not been for the woman who climbed the steps to my porch a few weeks ago to introduce herself and tell me what she brought to the race for the office she was seeking, I probably would have been among the ranks of the apathetic on this election day. But we visited for a bit. She listened as I told her about an issue of particular concern to me. Then we chatted about her three grown boys who nearly matched my three grown girls. So, when election day ... Read More »

Put It Away

Once you tidy, you have to put it away. So many of you participated in the church’s Clean Out Challenge in mid-October. It was really awesome to see the 315 cars come filled with items to donate, electronics to recycle and documents to shred. Personally, my wife, Robin, and I had already made most of our clothing and material donations when we did our decluttering and tidying, but we did bring four full boxes of documents to shred. I was very thankful that the church provided this opportunity for us ... Read More »

Picture Day

It was picture day at my kids’ school this week. We spent the beginning of the week making sure we had everything ready for the big day. Much to their dismay, the boys got haircuts. After almost picking out the exact same shirts as last year’s picture day outfits, we finally settled on shirts that were nice enough yet still comfortable enough to be worn the entire day. I eased up this year and allowed the boys to wear whatever they wanted for shorts since that part of their outfit ... Read More »

Everything Goes in the Giveaway Pile

In August, we sent our youngest off to college. Her departure marked a new and exciting beginning for her. She had prepared for this day all her life, as far as she was concerned, but practically speaking, certainly all summer. She had busied herself making lists and purchases; sorting outfits; and packing boxes, bins and bags so she would have what she would need when she moved into her freshman dormitory. What was remarkable in this process was her diligence in discarding what she didn’t need. Things she had held ... Read More »

Tidying Up

So I have a pretty bad relationship with my stuff. I keep clothes that no longer fit, in hopes that one day I can wear them again. I keep letters and cards from people, even ones that have no personal message. I love seeking to be simple, but I just as equally love buying really nice stuff. It’s amazing how often I think about my stuff—about the stuff I don’t have, about the stuff I do have, how much I love my stuff, how much I hate my stuff and ... Read More »

Scenes From Ash Wednesday

I’ve been attending Floris UMC for a little over a year. One of my favorite things about my new church home is the commitment our church has to caring for ‘the least of these.’ One of my favorite memories from this past year was the opportunity to spend Ash Wednesday serving at the Floris Guest House. Fairfax Area Christian Emergency Transitional Service (FACETS), a local county agency, works with local area churches during the cold winter months to provide shelter for our neighbors who have no home of their own. ... Read More »

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