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Easter Celebration

On March 21, Floris UMC held its annual Family Easter Celebration and Egg Hunt. And as I sit here thinking about the weekend so many thoughts emerge. In the weeks leading up to the celebration our Children’s Ministry Department was hopping (no pun intended)! Starting several months ago we were ordering supplies, scheduling inflatables, making craft samples, filling thousands of Easter eggs, buying snacks, setting up rooms, recruiting volunteers…and the list goes on. A few days before the celebration we were ready for it to be done! We were in celebration overload ... Read More »

Let’s Pray

We were all a mess. Everything felt really, really hard. My teenage daughter was struggling with a heavy burden and we simply didn’t know what to do next. We had come at this problem from every angle that made sense and nothing had changed.  She felt hopeless and overwhelmed and we felt powerless to make it better. It broke my heart to see the defeated look on her tear stained face, although it more accurately reflected the state of my own spirit than the mask of cheerful confidence I was ... Read More »

How You Play The Game

My son started playing basketball two years ago. That same year we put a basketball hoop in our driveway. On most days, unless it’s raining or snowing, it’s not uncommon to find him in the driveway shooting baskets. He’s pretty good in our driveway; he makes the majority of shots. Of course, in our driveway, he’s mostly undefended and there are no obstacles between him and the basket. When he’s in our driveway he’s unstoppable. Put him in a game with nine other boys his age and his attitude seems ... Read More »

My Favorite Super Bowl Memory

Super Bowl weekend is, for some, the greatest weekend of them all. I remember when I first started working at a church. We cancelled all activities on that Sunday evening because most people wanted to spend the Super Bowl with friends and family. It’s usually a night full of plans but it doesn’t always go the way you plan for it. I will never forget Super Bowl Sunday 2007. Just the day before, one week early, Susan alerted me to the fact that it was time for our first child, ... Read More »

The Perfect Christmas Gift

If you ask a child what his or her favorite holiday is, many times the answer you will get is Christmas. When you ask more specifically WHY Christmas is their favorite holiday, answers relating to Santa, decorations and parties emerge, but the main answer tends to focus on presents and gifts. Christmas is like a second birthday but a much bigger and better deal!  Many parents use Christmas as a behavior modification tool reminding children to behave and that “Santa is watching” or, these days, the Elf on the Shelf ... Read More »

Thanksgiving By The Pool

For many people Thanksgiving is a day full of traditions and routine. Aunt Sally always makes her green bean casserole, Grandma makes three different pies and the kids always make handmade decorations for the table. As a child my family also had some special Thanksgiving traditions. Every year my mom’s side of the family would meet at a resort in a warm climate. The first year we did this was a few months after my grandfather had died. My grandparents’ wedding anniversary was around Thanksgiving and this trip would be ... Read More »

Giving Dogs A Second Chance

As a child I was scared of dogs. My first memory of a dog was the Doberman Pinscher that lived down the street. He was mostly confined to my neighbor’s backyard so I heard him more than I saw him. I was terrified of this dog. Maybe it was the intimidatingly tall fence that shielded him from view or that his barks were so loud or that I was only five-years-old. Perhaps it was all of those reasons. On the few occasions that this dog accidentally got out of his ... Read More »

What Will You Do With Your Time?

The questions started last fall. Just about every time someone realized my youngest would be leaving for college they would ask the same question.  It was so predictable.  It wasn’t a bad thing. It was a question I was asking myself pretty regularly, and to be honest feeling a bit flustered by it. The question came so often I really should have developed a more creative response. Instead every time it came, “Wow, empty nest. What will you do next year?” I had the same response, “I’m really not sure”. ... Read More »

What Does Generosity Look Like?

Time. Advice. Contacts. Hugs. My late mother Myrna was generous with all of these things. More than that, she was generous with her spirit. Her friends and our family knew and loved her as someone who always took time to listen or offer encouragement. I frequently tell people that she was my coach long before I knew what coaching was, or that I would pursue coaching as a profession. I think it would please her to hear that. My dad and I sometimes teased Mom that she’d never met a ... Read More »

Tough Questions

Thank you so much for your cards, your emails, your texts, your thoughts and most especially your prayers. Perhaps it was the last, especially, that flew me to Atlanta just in time to kiss my Dad goodbye. Two weekends ago, I was back in Atlanta to celebrate and remember his life at a memorial service. This was not what I’d call a traditional service. He was not that kind of guy. It was held at the Atlanta Athletic Club where he played his golf and had belonged for many years. ... Read More »

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