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Just One of the Family by Cathy Caviness

I’ve been attending Floris United Methodist Church since November, 2013. While I felt welcome, I kept feeling like I didn’t quite fit in. It is hard to make new friends just sitting in the worship services, or even attending the short-term Lenten study. When I heard about the opportunities to serve at “Camp Hutchison” this summer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  They were looking for someone to teach music one day a week (Tuesdays) for the month of July. I am an elementary music teacher!  So I went online ... Read More »

Thank You for Having Me!

As the first week of Camp Hutchison winds to an end, I have been reflecting on the best moments of the week. On Monday July 7, camp started at Hutchison Elementary School. Camp Hutchison is a four-week-long summer camp that offers rising first through third grade students a wonderful summer educational experience. On Monday I stepped in last minute to teach a new enrichment program: character education. The lesson was planned and ready to go; I just hoped that the students would enjoy the activities and have fun. I hoped ... Read More »

Flying With God

When I got on the plane from San Antonio to Washington-Dulles in May, I was a jumbled mix of sad, excited and anxious. I was travelling farther than I’d ever gone by myself, and I was leaving Texas—the only home I’d ever known. Virginia was scary and new and 1600 miles too far from San Antonio. I was excited to see my parents and sister, who had moved to Virginia in January, and I was eager to start my new job as an intern in Serve Ministry at Floris United ... Read More »

The Summer Parenting Challenge

I’d like to challenge parents to do one thing this summer with their kids. It’s just one simple thing and I think every parent is capable of doing it in some way. This summer, let’s spend some time with our kids. I know what you are thinking; “I do this every day, all year-long.” I know you do. We spend the entire school year driving our kids from one activity to another so that they can experience all the great joys of sports, scouting, music, etc. I think we can ... Read More »

Returning to Camp Hutchison

When I returned to the Serve Ministry Camp Hutchison Internship this summer, I did not expect many surprises. I spent almost four months last summer with an incredible group of people helping to run an enriching and inspiring program for rising first through third graders at Hutchison Elementary School in Herndon, VA. I was confident that with my fellow interns and the wonderful volunteers we would be able to put on a great camp once again. I did not foresee any surprises, but then his application came in. A teenager ... Read More »

Three Important Factors for Breaking Cycles of Poverty

Recently, Floris UMC has announced through the Imagine Campaign a desire to break cycles of poverty. One of the questions that comes up regularly is this: “How does a church break cycles of poverty?” I should mention that this question can sometimes be asked with a fair amount of sarcasm or apprehension. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the complex social and economic issues that plague the world thus making any action seem superfluous. I do believe it’s possible for a church to play a significant role in breaking cycles ... Read More »

Why Would a Church Start an After-School Program?

My sister and I went home to an empty house from 3 to 6 p.m. every day. We knew whom to call in case of emergency, but we were unsupervised until my mother came home from work. There were rules that we were told to follow. For example, we knew not to open the door for strangers. We actually followed them quite well. One time, a man from the gas company came to our house to read the meter. After not getting an answer to the doorbell, he left for ... Read More »

How Does a Church Shape A Child’s Life?

Editor’s Note: This past Sunday at Floris UMC, a few high school seniors preached the sermon during the worship services. Their sermons can be viewed here.  As I sat there Sunday listening to our high school seniors share their stories, I couldn’t help but see God at work in our church. These young people stood boldly before the congregation and shared how Floris UMC has shaped their lives. They talked of the milestones: Sunday school, Confirmation, mission trips, and of the many ways that they have participated in the life ... Read More »

How Would You Spend 526 Weeks?

526 weeks. That’s roughly the number of weeks I have left with my son until he graduates high school. I know this because last week I downloaded an app called Legacy Countdown, which helps you see how long you really have before your child is grown. At first I was hesitant to download the app. Do I really want to know the number? Will it make me sad? I decided to download it because my kids are still young, and I figured that my number would still be in the ... Read More »

Find Your Inner Child This Christmas

Christmas is almost here. A few years ago we bought into the hype of the “Elf on the Shelf”. Our family named ours Peanut Brittle. I cannot say that I really remember why we named him that, unless it has something to do with the fact that Susan’s grandmother makes Peanut Brittle every year. One of the most exciting things for my children to do each morning is to run down and see where Peanut Brittle is hiding. I’m sure some of you have seen really elaborate positioning of the ... Read More »

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