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All the Help We Needed

Editor’s Note: This week 15 middle school students and four leaders traveled to Romney, West Virginia to participate in a Jeremiah Project mission camp. Students help with a wide range of home repair opportunities, from painting to building wheelchair ramps. The following is a blog post from one of the students, Virginia Horvath. This is my second time serving on the Jeremiah Project and my second time at this location: Romney, West Virginia. Something I noticed pretty quickly about Romney was the scenery. The first time I was here I didn’t ... Read More »

Waiting: Camp Hutchison

I am one of two Serve Ministries’ interns at Floris UMC this summer. I had the privilege of serving in this same position last summer and was overjoyed to learn that I would be able to return again this year. My fellow serve intern, Mason, and I are in charge of planning and executing Camp Hutchison with the help of many amazing volunteers. Camp Hutchison is a summer camp that helps students retain reading and writing abilities often lost over the summer in a fun and creative environment. Because camp ... Read More »

What a Blessing

A few years ago I signed up for what was then called Respite Care at Floris UMC to babysit a friend of mine’s three special needs children. I thought that it would be nice to watch my friend’s kids while she and her husband went out for the evening. Little did I know what a blessing Respite Care, now called Family Support Ministry, would be to me. The children that I have had the opportunity to spend time with, from two different families, are living joys. They each have their ... Read More »

Picture Day

It was picture day at my kids’ school this week. We spent the beginning of the week making sure we had everything ready for the big day. Much to their dismay, the boys got haircuts. After almost picking out the exact same shirts as last year’s picture day outfits, we finally settled on shirts that were nice enough yet still comfortable enough to be worn the entire day. I eased up this year and allowed the boys to wear whatever they wanted for shorts since that part of their outfit ... Read More »

Just Jordan

Last Sunday, a girl named Jordan captured me after church. She told me she hoped I would come by her bake sale from 1-3:30 p.m. on Labor Day where she would be raising money for children in Sierra Leone. Who can resist a 7-year-old with a sincere smile, a passionate plea and a great cause? Just as I was thinking, “Hey! I could share this on my Facebook page,” Rev. Tom Berlin swept by and, in a stage whisper, told her, “You should give your paper to her. She’ll post it on her ... Read More »

Our Neighborhood

As I watched Emily and Anna say good night to the girls who live across the street—neighbors who are more like cousins—I thought about next year. Sara will be settled into her new apartment and will begin her new job in Indianapolis. Emily and Jules will graduate in the spring, and who knows where life will take them. It is bittersweet. Twenty three years in this house; I haven’t lived anywhere that long and probably never will. One of the greatest gifts we gave our girls is our neighborhood. We ... Read More »

The Tough Part About Parenting

I overheard the conversation while I was in the middle of doing something else. My son was with a group of boys his age who all happen to be on different swim teams. As they compared their stats, it became obvious that my son was the slowest. One boy couldn’t believe my son’s time. “That’s so slow!” he said in amazement. He didn’t say it to be mean. He didn’t say it to make fun of my son, to his credit, I think he was genuinely shocked about my son’s ... Read More »

The Last Set of Training Wheels

My daughter is learning to ride a bike. As the last child in our family to learn how to ride a bike with no training wheels you’d think I’d be a pro at this teaching skill by now. And while I’ve picked up a few tricks from teaching her two brothers, teaching her has proved to be a completely different challenge. Teaching my older son how to ride a bike was like training for a marathon. It took a lot of time. I’d say a year if I had to ... Read More »

Mom’s Job

Over the years, my mom has taught me many things. Because of her, I know how to do the laundry, how to clean a house, how to shave my legs, how to tell a story and how to write a resume. She taught me how to host a party and how to make friends. She reminded me to always overdress instead of underdress, and I still rely on her to dress me for most occasions. But of all the things that my mom taught me, one always stands out: “It’s ... Read More »

Paper Airplanes and Jesus

If you were at Floris United Methodist Church on Sunday, April 26, and walked by the Hangar where the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders meet, you probably heard yelling, cheering and saw lots of movement. A few folks peeked their heads in and laughed when they saw what we were doing – flying paper airplanes! One of the best ways to help children develop a faith that has integrity and stirs them to act in loving and caring ways is through fun and games. Unfortunately, society sometimes labels “fun and ... Read More »

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