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Slow Snow Days

I love snow days. I love the way sunlight reflects on snow. I love the way snow carpets the landscape and changes it into something sort of magical. To be fair, I don’t actually love the snow itself or the cold temperatures that come with it. You can take this California girl out of California, but…well, you know the rest of that phrase. What I love most is the way that a snow day slows down the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life. That shift into a slower pace ... Read More »

Your One Precious 2014

I don’t know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all day. Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Excerpt from “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver. ... Read More »

The Mystery of God

Mystery surrounds every deep experience of the human heart. The deeper we go into the heart’s darkness or its light, the closer we get to the ultimate mystery of God.—Parker Palmer It has been said that there are three things that help us to see our lives through a wider lens: great love, great suffering and deep prayer. I grew up in a home where I knew both great love and great pain. My mother suffered from depression her whole life and committed suicide when I was in my early ... Read More »

Giving up, Giving in, and Getting Up Again

“I feel like your identity has become your illness. It’s like you’ve given up and given into it. I married a fighter. Where is she?” Ouch. Nothing like a romantic marathon date at the Melting Pot to give my husband and I the space to speak the hard. Amidst the four courses (of delightful breads dipped in beer infused cheese, yummy salad, steak and lobster soaked in succulence and a chocolate ecstasy that I am sure must have been invented by the angels) we planned, we reminisced, we cried (okay, I cried), we laughed a little, we fought (ahem, ... Read More »

How Are Your Reflexes?

Stimulus–response. An amoeba does it. A Venus fly trap does it.  A snake does it. We do it. A tap on the knee and our leg kicks out, all by itself!  Automatically, without consulting the rest of us. Even our brain is surprised. Reflexes are part of our programming designed to protect, support and allow us to move even without our permission. A sign we’re alive! Some things are just too important for a committee decision. This morning I read, “True worship is a response to God’s glory, the evidence of ... Read More »

Driving Diaries

I call these thoughts my driving diaries. It seems that for some reason my mind contemplates questions of the universe and other such subjects whilst I drive. I’m not one of those people who formulate grocery lists. I don’t like checklists nor do I add completed items to lists just so I can then check them off. But I’m surrounded by folks who do that. I thank God for them because, seriously, somewhere between pondering just how the Holy Spirit manifests itself in my life, recognizing the shape of a ... Read More »

How Heavy is My Daily Bread?

I love bread. Especially, the Apple Scrapple from the Great Harvest Bakery. The chewy goodness of baked white bread (whole wheat doesn’t do it for me) mixed with apple and cinnamon. I eat it in great chunks on the way home from the store. Handfuls ripped right off the loaf, crumbs falling all over the front seat of my new car. I choose hunks preferentially by their endowment with cinnamon and brown sugar topping. When THAT drops on the floor it is tragic! But I’m not a bread snob. Most ... Read More »

God as a Candle

I love to read inspirational quotes and shorts from a bunch of different sources.  I get some forwarded to me or I stumble across them and I sign up to receive the ongoing daily words. Having fallen out of the desire to be inspired by them, or having hit a few that just don’t move me to the degree of the one that caused me sign up in the first place, I tend to ignore them. Suddenly the inbox if filled with them.  Too many—I’ve been spammed by God! So ... Read More »

Just Saying Hello to Jesus a Couple of Times a Day is Not Enough

Those are the words that still ring in my head almost a week after they were spoken by Bishop Cho in his opening address to the Virginia Annual Conference on Friday, June 21.  Actually, when I look at my notes they say, “Just saying hello at the dinner table is not enough”.   Dr. Cho said, “We United Methodists, clergy and laity, should pray more. We need to pray harder, longer, and deeper in such a time as this. We need to learn to do our ministry on praying knees.” So, ... Read More »

Prayer Walk by Bill Gray

So I completed the Prayer Walk. At first I must admit that I thought it pretty hokey. I mean, I pray for the church and all, and for specifics as they are needed, but walking through the building and praying? Surprise—I was surprised. You know, the building really is quite large. There are areas that I hardly ever see or use. This could be compared to my prayer life. There are areas in prayer that I’ve hardly ever gone, methods I hardly use or hear about. As I go through ... Read More »

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