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Unnecessary Baggage by Susan Ward

It’s the last week of lent and I’m still haunted by one of the questions from the first week of the Lenten small group my husband Tim and I participated in: “If Jesus came, knocked on your door and asked you to come and follow him tonight, would you go?” As a pastor’s wife, I know this might be a little shocking that my answer wasn’t an immediate yes. I wanted to say a quick yes. I really did. But I had some questions. I needed a bit more information. ... Read More »

Calling My Name by Yoon Nam

A newspaper survey recently found that people have a tendency to give names to their smart phones and cars. As I understand, this must come from having smart phones with voices that response to their owners. I don’t have a smart phone so I haven’t made a name for any phones yet.  However, I have given names to my cars such as Grace, Little Foot, Maxie, and Dove. And yes, I talk to my car daily. A phrase from last Sunday’s sermon comes to mind, “ the good shepherd knows ... Read More »

Learning to Ride A Bike by Susan Ward

My 6-year-old is learning how to ride a bike. We took his training wheels off a while back but other than a few isolated attempts with my husband or me holding the back of his seat as he pedaled, he hasn’t really wanted to learn. I’m not sure what changed. Maybe it was learning that his friend in Kindergarten knows how to ride a bike with no training wheels or maybe it was watching his younger brother and sister become more and more skilled on their bikes with training wheels, ... Read More »

The Decision to Climb by Susan Ward

I had prepared for months. I had sent the application, wrote the essay and interviewed with the Regional Director. I had packed my bags and said my good-byes. The only thing left to do was board the plane. The time had come. I was 21-years-old, newly graduated from college and about to spend three months in Tokyo, Japan as a short-term missionary teaching English and sharing my testimony. I would be staying with an American missionary family I had never met. I was working with a non-profit organization I found ... Read More »

Turning the Alarms Back On by Susan Ward

I suffer from chronic migraines. The migraines are so frequent and so debilitating that I must take daily medication to keep from getting them. When I first started taking the medication I was astonished at its effectiveness. I went from suffering from migraines at least once a week to hardly having a migraine once a month. It was my miracle drug. In order to remember to take it each night, I have an alarm set on my phone to go off everyday at 9 PM. The great part about this ... Read More »

Sermon Response: Why It’s Okay to Turn 30 by Susan Ward

I turned 30 a few months ago. For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I was stressing out about this slightly. In hindsight, I can tell you this was rather silly of me. At the mature age of 30 and 4 months, I can see now that I am still the same person I was at age 29. But I could not see that at the time. From almost the moment I turned 29 until the day I turned 30 I was all too aware that a ... Read More »

The Blessing of Music by Yoon Nam

Our Christmas cantata Sunday is this week! The cantata choir has been rehearsing the music since September. They have been praying for many things along with the musical practice. I personally want to thank everyone involved with the cantata in many ways for their effort, hearts, and prayers. I have been blessed by them throughout the preparation. Thank you all so much! As I share often with you all through this blog, it is a true blessing that we get to praise and worship God with beautiful music. God has ... Read More »

Sermon Response: The Excitement of Christmas by Susan Ward

If you are planning on stopping by my house between now and Christmas you should schedule an extra 20 minutes into your trip because my children are going to insist on giving you a guided tour of the house complete with their explanation of every Christmas decoration we own. Plan for at least 10 minutes at the Christmas tree because they will want to spotlight each of their favorite ornaments and tell you the story behind each one. We have three different nativity scenes in our house and they will ... Read More »

Sermon Response: Being in Awe of God by Susan Ward

A few weeks ago, Tim and I took our kids to the Hubble IMAX movie at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Taking a five year-old and two three year-olds to a 45-min movie on space is worthy of an entirely different blog post on patience and endurance but that is not the topic of today’s post. At one point in the movie, there were images taken by the Hubble telescope of the galaxies that are very far away. I use the scientific term ‘very far away’ because it makes my ... Read More »

Give Thanks by Yoon Nam

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am not quite ready. However, as I shared with you last time, I have been enjoying counting my blessings and giving thanks each day. I give thanks especially about our music ministry at Floris UMC. There are many volunteers — seen and unseen—who diligently come for rehearsals to teach children music, to sing, to play and much more. I am deeply grateful to all of them, and their families, for their support. This year’s Christmas Cantata will be on December 16 at the 8:00 ... Read More »

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