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Alive Again

Music has been hard for me for the past year or so. I know this seems strange coming from someone whose career is fully entrenched in worship, but at some point it simply stopped bringing me joy and singing started to feel like work. Music – the medium from which my very soul and essence were molded – no longer brought me alive. I drove to and from work in complete silence and rarely played songs simply for enjoyment while I cooked or cleaned. This is the second time in ... Read More »

What God Would Want for the Christmas?

What is the first Christmas you remember? The first Christmas I remember was when I was four years old. It was also the first time I went to church after being invited by my childhood best friend and her family. I think it was a Christmas Eve event for children, complete with a children’s pageant and nativity scene. I don’t remember all of the details, but I do remember Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. Amazingly, I also remember what we sang that night: “Silent Night”. And of course, I ... Read More »

Thank You for Letting Us Sing to You: Confessions of a Choir Crasher

You’ve heard of party crashers and wedding crashers, but perhaps you have never heard of a choir crasher. That’s me, the person who, back in the doldrums of September as election campaigns were still in full swing, shorter days and longer nights were just beginning to descend and Christmas trees were not yet at Lowe’s, I began to wonder in earnest … What can I do to make this season feel more like Advent? A clear and undeniable suggestion came to mind: join the Floris UMC Cantata choir. Don’t get me ... Read More »

A Celebration of Light

When I grew up in Seoul, Korea, there were war drills. Yes, war drills. On the fifteenth of each month, we had a short 30-minute war drill. Sirens went off, and cars and people had to stop in the middle of the streets, or wherever they were, to hide. Also, there was a special drill at night once or twice a year for an hour when no one was allowed to turn any lights on in their homes. When I was very young, the night drills scared me. My mom, ... Read More »

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night—what does that mean? For some, you might envision karaoke night at which a gaggle of girls climb on stage to sing Shania Twain. Others might picture a local comedy club or a coffee shop evening filled with aspiring songwriters. However, for some of you, the thought of an open mic night might be terrifying. Perhaps you associate the term with more painful memories as you recall a time when you stood up to share a new piano piece at your school talent show, only to be mocked ... Read More »

Your First Christmas Gift

Do you remember your first Christmas experience, or your first Christmas gift? I can remember my first Christmas worship service when I was about 4 years old. As I mentioned in prior blogs, my dad’s family was Buddhist. My grandmother, who lived with us, was especially devout. Even though my mom was Christian, she could not go to church due to my father’s religious tradition. Nowadays, it has changed a lot in Korea, just as it has in American households. But at that time, we could not imagine having two ... Read More »

Summer Choir and Beyond

I cannot believe that we are already in the middle of August. How has your summer been? I pray that you all are having a blessed one. Mine has been much busier than before, but I have enjoyed planning the upcoming seasons with our choirs and orchestra. What a blessing that I get to work for God’s ministry! We will have another summer choir opportunity this Sunday at the 11:00 AM service. We will proclaim “the Lord is King” through an anthem. The anthem is written using Charles Wesley’s hymn ... Read More »


Usually the drive to Annapolis takes an hour and fifteen minutes. On this particular morning I had the unfortunate experience of having to leave at 8 a.m. As you might imagine, I was in traffic for two hours. Normally that would frustrate me, but because I promised to connect with God more intentionally, I used it as an opportunity to listen to Christian radio.  I listened to my favorite stations: 89.9, 91.9 and The Message on satellite radio. Of course, God didn’t let me down and I heard some of ... Read More »


I had a great opportunity to attend a conference at Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk last week. The conference was about Sacred Music. There were more than 120 attendees who serve at churches as church musicians or pastors. They came from all over the U.S. The conference offered different courses related to sacred music and worship. Each day began with a music reading session for an hour with 12 unfamiliar or newly published anthems. We also had a rehearsal with a famous composer, Mark Haydes , to practice for a ... Read More »

My Tribute

When I watched the video, “Today I Saw God” during the worship service last Sunday, my heart leaped for joy because I have had “seeing God” experiences lately. As you heard, I defended my dissertation last Wednesday at Indiana University. It has been a long journey since I came to the States with my husband, Jason, in 1996 to study music. For those who don’t know Jason, he is also a musician, singer and has been “ABD” (All But Dissertation) for a long time like me. We both started our ... Read More »

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