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Beautiful Songs to Share God’s Love by Yoon Nam

Happy Mother’s Day to all who are mothers or live like mothers to others!

After I became a mother, I learned more about God’ s love and care as our Father. God’s love was even more meaningful to me than ever before. I also became more appreciative of my mom. I think that most mothers feel the same as I do. I truly believe that God made mothers to show His care and love toward us on earth. We will have several beautiful songs to share God’s love and to celebrate the love shown through mothers during worship services this Sunday.

At the 8:00 AM service, the Sonrise Singers will present, “Treasure Each Moment” as an offertory.  It may lead us to be thankful for each moment He has given us. At the 9:15 AM and 11:00 AM services, the combined children’s Little Praisers and JaM Choirs will sing, “You Are the Hands” as a Mother’s Day anthem.  Some parents will join with the children. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I pray that you all feel God’s love and mercy through this song. Also, at the 11:00 AM service, the Sanctuary Choir will sing, “I Will Lift My Eyes” as an offertory accompanied by musicians playing cello and clarinet.

We will all prepare our heart and music to first glorify God and show His love toward others. We pray that God will use our music to open people’s hearts and bring them comfort.

These are the lyrics to “You Are the Hands” for you to think about.

You are the hands that help me as I grow. You are the eyes that watch me as I go.             You are the ears that hear me calling, the arms when I am falling.                                 Because of you, I know what love is meant to be.                                                                Because of you, I know that God loves me.

I am the hands that help you as you grow.                                                                                       I am the eyes that watch you as you go.                                                                                             I am the ears that hear you calling, the arms when you are falling.                                     Because of you, I know what love is meant to be.                                                               Because of you, I know that God loves me.

I love you higher than the mountains and taller than the trees, deeper than the canyons and wider than the seas.

God will walk beside me to love and gently guide me.                                                                   O God for all our days, we will give to you our highest praise!                                                    O Lord, you are the hands that help as I grow, eyes that watch as I go.                                Hear me call when I fall. Because of you, I know what love is meant to be.

O Lord, I know, I know that you love me!



About Yoon Nam

Yoon Nam is the director of traditional music at Floris UMC. She has a Doctorate along with two Master's degrees in Choral Conducting and Vocal Performance. Yoon enjoys spending time with her two daughters, Christine and Joanne.

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