Monday , 22 May 2017
  • Creativity Crisis

    I’m still relatively new to Northern Virginia, but in my year of living here, one thing stands out far more than the horrific traffic, the well-educated population and even some of the social and political crises we face on a regular basis.

  • Reflections

    If you haven’t been able to tell by the hyperactivity of your children, the longer and warmer days or the “senioritis” that seems to be hitting people of all ages, the end of another school year is quickly approaching.

  • Is God Good All the Time?

    Ah, the call and response of a faithful people.

  • Surprising Moments of Grace

    Have you ever been surprised by a moment of God’s grace? Maybe you haven’t been bopped over the head by a tidal wave of undeniable grace, but what about a precious moment?

  • If We All Prayed at Once, Could We Move a Mountain?

    I’ve often thought about what would happen if every Christian in the world, or even just in the United States, would pray at the same time in the name of Jesus.

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