Saturday , 25 March 2017
  • Unless the Lord Builds the House, Those Who Build it Labor in Vain

    Years ago, I drove past a home construction site where the foundation had been laid but the frame had yet to take shape.

  • Wisdom: When You Just Know

    My heart beats more quickly than usual. The feeling in the pit of my stomach is familiar, a pang of recognition and anticipation.

  • The Love o' the Irish

    It’s a day that means so much more than alcohol, green rivers and Irish culture. In fact, St. Patrick’s Day is, at its core, a day about restoration, which is exactly what we are talking about at Floris UMC this Lent in our sermon series, “Restored.”

  • Seeing God in Vizag, India

    I saw God quite unexpectedly during a recent work trip to India.

  • Pride

    I drove to Hampton, Virginia for a meeting the other day. I left early, a little concerned about the high winds, but as I drove the winds calmed down, the sun came out and it became a beautiful day.

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